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Remedial Action Planning & Services

IEC remediation specialists evaluate remedial options based on cost-effective and technically sound solutions. We provide the following services based on actual project requirements:

  • Phase III ESA's / remediation
  • Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) removal and remediation (underground & above-ground tanks) — specializing in the current TCEQ-TRRP regulations
  • Voluntary cleanup program closures
  • Innocent owner program
  • Groundwater and wastewater treatment/remediation and disposal
  • Risk-based assesment/closure alternatives
  • Geological investigations
  • Project specifications / management
  • Remedial action plans
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Soil treatment
  • Brownfields assesment
  • Remediation oversight
  • Closure plans/report/certification
  • Post-closure monitoring
  • Soil hydrocarbons remediation
  • Chemical spill remediation
  • Construction monitoring
  • Pond/lagoon closure
  • NEPA site check
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